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Customized Printing Processes in North Texas

Here at Clever Items, we use several types of ink processes to develop Jason Graphicthe custom graphics you are searching for in personalized athletic attire. When determining which process for your t-shirt, hoodie, sports bag, hats or other items, we take into account the durability, flexibility, versatility and comfort! With all of this in mind, the plasitsol inks are typically best.

Screenprinting Process

Screenprinting with plastisol ink is one of the most common ways to design your attire and Clever Items has the technology and skills to accomplish the look you are looking for in your athletic attire. Plasticol is a plastic based ink that binds with the fibers of the material to create a print that will last the life of the cloth. Plastisol also gives us the ability to use thin or thick ink, depending on your preferences in your design.Light Board

Types of Plastisol Inks

  • High Density Ink - Makes the ink come straight up off the garment with no arching.
  • Puff Ink - Makes the ink pop off the garment with an arch so the ink appears puffy and soft.
  • Soft Hand Ink - Reduces the viscosity of ink and allows for softer print and opacity.
  • Suede Ink - Dulls the print for a flat and glossy finish.
  • Foil Process - Various color and optical effects using heat, pressure, metal dies & foil film. The foil process is available in a variety of colors including silver, gold, copper, red, blue, green and purple.
  • Dischargeable Ink - Most of the ink penetrates into the fibers and gives a feel that is very close to the way the fabric originally felt before printing.
  • Sublimation Printing - Sublimation Printing is a reproduction of the entire color spectrum on your fabric or clothing with no limitation of color requests, especially in photographic printing.Ink
  • Reducer - Will thin the ink, reducing viscosity and opacity, similar to soft hand.

Color Plates


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