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Clever Items Job Completion Survey

  • Reviewed By: Zac A.
  • Location: Texas, TX
  • Was our Sales Representative courteous and knowledgeable?
  • Was the quality of the product what you expected?
  • Was the workmanship up to your expectations?
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  • Comment: Dear Respected Sir/Ma’am,
    Infinum Digitizing is a famous name among the embroiders around the world who are looking for digitizing, vector art, logo creation, custom and embroidered patches, stationary, banner, web and app development and many other customized services.
    *Get Each Digitized And Vectored Files Simple Ones $5* Embroidered Patches 0-100 Under 5 inches $100-$250* Web Development $250-$350* Full Back/Full Front/Jacket Back $25/On Quote* Name Project $4 Each File* Monthly Offer Regardless of 100 Digitizing, Vector Jobs $750 USD*
    Our ultimate motive is to serve our clients as per their affordability and convenience. We specialize in embroidery, screen printing/ vector art, logo creation, graphical works (banner, visiting card, flyer, brochure etc), custom and embroidered patches, garment printing (embroidered and printed t-shirt, cap, hoodies, mask and neck gaiters) and much more.
    We are currently charging $5 (for simple & average jobs) on giving us $100 business throughout the month.
    Leading California market and getting big companies onboard such as (fully promoted franchises) and many big names across USA. (Reference will be provided upon request).
    Get more information and updates via our website and hopefully you would find us great for your reputed business.
    It would be much easier for us to know your customized needs if you could email us. We would like to discuss everything as per your wish and command! Boss,
    Best Regards,
    Zac Adam
    COO- Infinum Digitizing
    Sales & Marketing Manger
    Address: 9804 Expedition Trail, Conroe TX, 77385, USA

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